Justin Timberlake’s Vocal Technique

Justin_TimberlakeAt the age of 32, Justin Timberlake is having thriving year. Touring with his album “The 20/20 Experience”, he has sold more than 1 million copies, with the song Mirrors spending 24 weeks on the Billboard top ten. From a vocal standpoint, his voice is fresh and strong. His melodies constantly transcend the barriers that most singers face: the break point betweenchest voice and head voice. This allows him the creative freedom to record eight minute extended songs with extravagant harmonies and vocal melodies.

His voice floats up in a way that is very free, light, and full of ease. Listen to this song “Mirrors” at 35 seconds: His melody reaches a high note and then styles up into head voice in a light run.

This amazing coordination gives him many choices on where to sing heavy, light, or in-between, and during this marathon song he covers nearly every option a voice could hope to travel. To be “free from gravity” should be the goal of every voice student, but requires some sophisticated coordination of your vocal cords, larynx, and pharynx.

If you’d like to learn more about these parts of your voice, please click on the links, and enjoy some of the videos that I’ve posted that explain these vocal systems in detail.

Keep Singing!!

John Scott