Meet The Instructors

Meet John Scott

John Daniel Scott is the founder, owner, and head instructor at the John Daniel Scott School of voice, and the inventor of the exclusive Voice Breakthrough Program. Whether you're a beginning, intermediate, or advanced student, you're sure to enjoy top-quality, seasoned instruction when you're working with John Scott. He has helped to refine and hone the skills of actors, public speakers, and of course, singers and musicians in the Bay Area for many years. While John is only a phone call away, he teaches both locally in the Bay Area and internationally. You can arrange a lesson right here, via skype, telephone, or in person. He teaches Monday through Fridays in Alameda.

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Each 1-hour private coaching session with John D. Scott gives you:

  • A professional's in-depth assessment of your voice.
  • A vocal workout tailored to enhance your unique voice and style.
  • An opportunity to apply our proven techniques to the songs of your choice.
  • A high quality digital audio CD or MP3 file of the entire lesson.