Voice Health

Lesson 2

In Voice Breakthrough, I like to divide the voice up into five systems: The Vocal Cords, the Larynx, the Pharynx, Air Control, and the Outer Muscles. The Balance Point is that state where you naturally and intuitively integrate these systems without having to think about it. It’s not as hard as you might think, because we were designed to use the voice in this way, as long as we don’t let constriction get in the way.

The larynx is not only the cartilage that surrounds your vocal cords, it is also a part of a valve system that closes when it moves up for swallowing. Since a high larynx rep- resents a closed throat, your goal is to keep the larynx low and stable as you sing from low notes to high notes. To find your larynx, put your finger on the V that you feel in the front of your throat. As you work with the audio exercises, you will realize that keeping your larynx from rising can be very challanging!

The pharynx is the area of the upper area of the throat above the larynx, and it includes small resonant spaces under the eyes, nose and face that we refer to as the frontal mask. These spaces can fill with air like a balloon while you sing, and become a pow- erful resonator for your voice, which I like to call “The Chamber”. As you learn to activate this powerful resonator of the voice, it will be profoundly easier to sing high notes.