The Next Big Thing At Disney: Amber Lily

Reprint from Disney Info Net:

Hey fans,

For those who may not know Amber Lily then let us introduce her to you.

Amber Lily was born January 18, 1997 near Los Angeles California but has lived and gone to school most of her life near San Francisco.

Amber Lily first sang for an audience at her first grade talent show when she was 5 years old. Without even one singing lesson, the audience was awe-struck by the big voice coming out of this little child. This love for singing carried Amber into musical theater which introduced her to acting. Amber Lily is now the consummate performer: an actress, singer, dancer and songwriter. She is as natural in front of a camera (or on a stage) as she is hamming it up in her living room.

Amber Lily released her first CD in 2008, with 9 original songs (5 written by Amber). “At first I sang other people’s songs. I love Alicia Keys, Jordin Sparks and of course Miley Cyrus — and I like singing country music too — like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.” Although Amber still listens to these artists, “I wanted to try writing my own music. I felt I had something to say to people.”

Disney Infonet became aware of Amber about 2 years ago when she added us on Myspace. We did not know who she was, but we went to her profile, heard one of her songs in her player and we were completely blown away Naturally with all the posers out there we checked her out and found out she was the real deal. We became instant fans and posted her music and videos on our profile. We have had the honor of knowing her and her Dad. They both are wonderful people.

Amber has performed for the cast of Wizards of Waverly Place on the set and the cast knows her pretty well. Now Amber is going to be featured on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing. She needs you guys to vote for her to make sure she wins. Once you hear her sing in the following videos we think you will agree that she definitely is the most amazing singer and deserves to win.

Go to for more details on how to vote for Amber. Let’s make her a winner guys!