The Voice Growls into the Knockout Round

Tuesday was the final “Battle Round” for the fifth season of “The Voice” Next, the show moves on to “The Knockouts“, in which “Each artist chooses their own songs, and Adam tells us that “song choice is a huge factor.” They’ll also be working one-on-one with their coach. And in a new twist, each coach now gets one steal during the Knockout Rounds. At the pace Season 5 is at, we might still be watching “The Voice” in July.

In this amazing battle between Barry Black and Preston Pohl, you get to hear what so many people love in a good soul singer: growl. Preston Pohl uses it a lot, and very effectively. A singer with good vocal technique can use a lot of growl without ever straining their voice, because it’s not the actual vocal cords that make the growl sound–growl comes from the ventricular folds. These are soft fleshy folds inside the larynx that can vibrate and give you that cool old school growl sound.