Voice Health

Lesson 3

The glottal attack is public enemy number one for singing, because it’s a form of con- striction that can most effectively damage your vocal cords. It has to do with the Epi- glottis closing, and is pretty easy to identify once you watch the video. I hope that you will pay close attention to this video. If you have trouble with a scratchy voice, or tired vocal cords, this is probably why!

The vocal cords are the critical system in a healthy functioning voice. Singers who injure their voices generally have damaged their vocal cords, while singers who project with ease and power have vocal cords that are healthy, strong, and coordinated. Many singers are unaware of the simple and effective techniques that can be used to keep their vocal cords healthy:

  • Stay hydrated, drinking at least two liters of water daily
  • Avoid clearing your throat
  • If you feel your voice getting tired with a scratchy or tingly sensation, stop singing
  • Engage the the vocal cords by actively speaking the words of your song
  • Avoid using a glottal attack..