Voice Lessons

Our Strategy with Voice Lessons

Every vocal method has a strategic focus. Some concentrate on modes of singing, or types of sound production. Some focus on the mix of chest and head voice. Others work to improve tone quality through ideas concerning support and resonance.

At John Scott School of Voice, our approach focuses on the body, helping students to understand how their voices rely on five different but interacting systems: Vocal Cords, Larynx, Air Control, Outer Muscle, and Pharynx. By becoming aware of these control elements, and learning how to use them properly, students can dramatically improve how they sing. It's surprisingly simple.

The Balance Point

The ultimate goal of these lessons is to find what we call “The Balance Point”: that physical and mental state where all five systems of the voice work together in full coordination and harmony. Once you find it, expect considerable gains in volume and range at significantly lower pressure levels. Some characteristics of the Balance Point:

  • You feel a simplicity and ease to singing, where the difference between the sound you produce and what you were hoping to produce is minimized.
  • Chest Voice and Head Voice blend easily (as demonstrated in the Lesson video).
  • Vocal strain is minimized.
  • Your larynx is stabilized in a neutral position.
  • Surprising vocal power spontaneously appears.

The Marriage of Art and Science

John Scott developed his five system approach through his experiences as an artist and a scientist, as well as a long-time educator. For the past 22 years, he has refined these techniques as a professional vocal coach in the San Francisco Bay. He studied under Seth Riggs, Lynn Wickham, Raz Kennedy and numerous others, as well as studying the Alexander Technique under John Baron and Lenka Fejt. John’s background also includes sound engineering and recording, music direction and piano accompaniment. As a vocalist, he has also recorded and produced several albums of original music. Click here for rates and availability

Before devoting himself to vocal instruction, John studied molecular biology at the University of California at Santa Cruz and worked at several research institutions as a researcher in the field of genetics. John continues to find that his background in biology and physics deepens his interest and his understanding of the human voice.

The John Scott School of Voice approach provides a unique structure, which draws on contemporary and classical vocal techniques. In addition, the lessons incorporate elements adapted from the Alexander Technique and applied to specific muscles to better master and refine vocal control. John’s goal is to help the singer achieve a full blend of the chest and head voice throughout the entire range of their voice, while allowing them to maintain their own unique style and individual character.