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The Insiders Group

Every now and then you need to put creativity first

Or you discover that singing is an important part of your life.

And that’s when you need a trainer with tons of experience helping singers achieve their dreams...

I Want To Help You Be the Best Singer You Can Be.

Singing Transformation is a brand-new singing course, that brings proven methods to an effective modern platform. I’ve been crafting this innovative program for the past year - frankly and I m stoked! As a pre-launch extra, I’m forming an exclusive group called the Singing Transformation Insiders Group, just for those students who want to be the very first to try out the new program.

“The Singing Transformation Insiders Group is a unique chance to work with my program while receiving weekly personalized coaching from me over five weeks. The class format combines online videos, audio files for scale training and, personal constructive feedback from me. Everything happens online, so you get to choose your own class schedule each week. Plus, for this one-time Insiders Group. I will be leading students “by the hand” through each module to ensure you’re getting the most from each lesson.”

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With Singing Transformation, you’ll get:

  • On line access to all ten modules and audio scale library
  • Ten lessons of methodically broken-down course material
  • No prior training required
  • Direct feedback from John Scott
  • Proven methods and guaranteed results

Just make a one time payment of $97 TODAY to reserve your spot. Registration for this group will not be open for long and there are limited spaces available!

The Course Format

“I will work with your schedule. You choose the time each week to take your lessons, practice, and review your feedback. The lessons are broken down into relatively short videos, and I get you singing right away.”

  • Week 1

    Friday February 6

    Lessons 1 and 2

  • Week 2

    Friday February 13

    Lessons 3 and 4

  • Week 3

    Friday February 20

    Lessons 5 and 6

  • Week 4

    Friday February 27

    Lessons 7 and 8

  • Week 5

    Friday March 6

    Lessons 9 and 10

  • Graduation

    Friday March 13

The Course Content

  • Lesson 1

    Discover the Two Most Important Keys to Singing

    Many professional singers fail to master these "Basics" and suffer as a result.

  • Lesson 2

    The Secret to Eliminating Fatigue

    Learn the secret to healthy vocal cords: The Balance Point.

  • Lesson 3

    The Larynx

    Learn the secret to blending your chest voice and head voice.

  • Lesson 4

    Double Your Power with Half the Pressure

    Find out why activating your pharynx can immediately double your volume.

  • Lesson 5

    Releasing the Outer Muscles

    These brand-new methods allow students to get unstuck, even after decades of hitting a "vocalroadblock".

  • Lesson 6

    What is Vibratto?

    Learn Why most great singers use vibrato, and how it can help you perfect your vocal sound.

  • Lesson 7 & 8

    Getting Your Voice 'In the Mix'

    Discover how blending your chest voice and head voice can radically expand your vocal range

  • Lesson 9

    Vocal Health

    Know what to do if your voice goes down, and how to avoid it from the start.

  • Lesson 10

    The Singer's Ideal Mindset

    Finally, learn how to sing confidently in front of others - even when you feel overcome with panic!

Master Classes:

  • R&B Styling
  • Rock Singing Survival
  • Classical Singing

Bonus Features:

  • Mic Technique
  • Movement and Stage Presence

Look What Other People Had to Say…

After listening from our very first album to our third, there is an obvious progression and it’s all because of John.

One Vo1ce

I’ve been using John’s voice technique for about three and a half years now. Not only has he helped me to recover through vocal surgery and take me to new heights I’d never thought imaginable in my singing career, but I’m now singing on national TV [and] in movies. I’m touring across the world singing every day, hours on end, and still have a voice at the end of the day. I could never have done this without John’s tutoring and instruction.

Jason Bowman

John’s command of style and technique has taken my voice to new levels of expression.

Samantha Parkinson

I drive five hours each week to work with John Scott because I get more than the benefit of working with one of the Bay Area’s most competent vocal coaches. John’s professional guidance in a variety of areas – audio production, stage presence, band dynamics – is invaluable to any level of musician.

Mark Morton

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Plus, all of the Singing Transformation Insiders have full access to all the course material for a whole year, so you can continue to work with the lessons and audio scales long after your graduation from our exclusive five-week Singing Transformation Insiders Group.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the course, just let me know and I will refund your money at any point in the program.

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