High Praise About the JDSMethod: Gabriel Weiner Chimes In

The John Scott School of Voice JDSVoice.com is pleased to share even more great feedback about the innovations in vocal study, mastery, and instruction that we continue to provide as we coach and assist our students, helping them to excel and improve as vocalists in terms of career longevity, technique, and overall singing enjoyment.

Check out vocal instructor Gabriel Weiner’s testimonial about how valuable he found our JDSMethod singing lessons video, audio, and one-on-one instruction modalities to be!

Gabriel writes:

“First of all, all I think about you is positive…you seem like a very healthy, sincere, honest and mature man. These qualities come off in your videos, immediately putting the student at ease. That initial connection, even through video, is vital. You possess this serenity and confidence that is a real treat and help.

About the JDSMethod, I really believe you have distilled and put together something really simple, effective and reliable.

I have read dozens and dozens of singing books from classical singing to pop to rock to all of it, books over a hundred years old and books that came out within the last decade. I have browsed it all, I am probably familiar with all the voice methods and teachers online and I have downloaded and purchased many singing products.

As far as voice methods go, you seriously have put together the best one. I think that you just go right to the heart of the matter The Balance Point, and you know what it takes to access it, isolate it and strengthen it.

I really wish you the best of success, and have no doubts that you reap and will continue to reap the wonderful fruits of what you have so passionately sown.

I just love your stuff! Go JDSMethod!”

Thanks, Gabriel! Click this link to visit Gabriel Weiner at YouTube.

About the John Scott School of Voice

The John Scott School of Voice is the culmination of my dreams as a voice instructor. The goal of the school is to provide professional state of the art training to singers, speakers, and voice instructors, and to help them achieve their full potential in music and public speaking. Our new web site, JDSvoice.com, has all the details of the new business, and it introduces our newest associate, Heidi Bennett, who begins teaching out of our Alameda location this month.

The goal of the JDSMethod is to enable the singer to sing fully throughout their entire vocal range with power and control, and without strain. We’ve been seeing wonderful results with our students as they learn how easy it can be to control their voice once they understand the simple principles outlined in the new method.